Relaxing Newborn Session at Home in Frederick, MD

image of baby boy sleeping with arm tucked under head

Meet Sweet Baby J.

He and I met when he was 3 Days New and boy did the baby fever kick in! 🙂

Mom, Dad, Gigi, Big Brother, and Baby J allowed me the honor of spending some time with them at home as Baby J was adjusting to his new life outside of mommy’s tummy. But during this relaxing newborn session at home, you could feel that Baby J was right where he belonged–with his new family, surrounded by love.

image of baby boy sleeping in mother's arms

Though Baby J barely opened his eyes during our time together, you can definitely tell what he loves most—cuddle time! As we sometimes had to change positions during his newborn session, Baby J would squirm and wiggle if he wasn’t in the arms of mom or dad or Gigi!

image of baby boy snuggling with mother

image of father looking at baby boy on his shoulder

And Big Brother loves to shower Baby J with even more affections. Lots of kisses and hand holding being shared by these two. 🙂

image of toddler boy looking up smiling

image of toddler boy lounging in chair

What are the perks to having a relaxing newborn session at home?

Three words: you’re at home!

The comfort of being in your own space with the familiarity of it all helps your family’s story shine through. Now of course, all of the camera gear will take over a room but that’s a slight casualty!

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