Secrets to Cherry Blossom Portrait Sessions

Cherry blossom season is truly a magical time during the year. You are surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful blooms and they have a pull like none other.

image of white cherry blossoms

Peak bloom happens only once per year. And in the back of your mind, you know that with one heavy wind or rain, those flowers will disappear. The only evidence to know that they even existed will be a trail of petals left behind.

image of white cherry blossom branch

Of course, you don’t have to succumb to the whims of nature to etch the beauty of the cherry blossoms into your memories. You could take advantage of this short window of time and make it the perfect location for your next portrait session.

family of six in front of cherry blossom tree

There are, however, a few things you must know before you book your cherry blossom portrait session.

1: You may have to sit on the ground.

image of girl making silly face at glen echo park

2: You may discover some secret, enchanting places.

sisters holding hands

3. Rock climbing may be necessary.

image of senior girl sitting on rocks

4. There are blossoms everywhere!

image of family under cherry blossom trees

image of senior girl under cherry blossom tree

image of mom and sons under cherry blossom tree

You can find out more about cherry blossom portrait sessions by checking out what happens when a senior girl takes over Bethesda or when a family of six dive, duck, and dodge their way into a perfect family portrait.

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