Cherry Blossom Portraits

It absolutely never gets old. The cherry blossoms are here! And for you, this means it is time to schedule your cherry blossom portrait session 🙂

expecting parents surrounded by cherry blossoms

What can I expect during my cherry blossom portrait session?

About an hour of walking, exploring, and a sense of wonderment. The cherry blossoms are just amazing to see in person.  Your portrait session will last between 30-60 minutes as we stroll through the beautiful Kenwood Estates neighborhood in Bethesda.

expecting parents under cherry blossom tree

I hear that it can get a little crazy as you’re trying to enjoy the blossoms is that true?

Yes and No. The cherry blossom trees are quite popular. It really just never gets old! But there are so many nooks, crannies, secret hiding places within the Kenwood Estates neighborhood that will help us capture this special time for you and your family! We’ll work together to find a time to visit that will ensure you will have portraits that you love and cherish from your cherry blossom portrait session.

expectant mother surrounded by cherry blossom trees

What happens after our cherry blossom portrait session?

We meet for your session reveal and ordering appointment. This is where you will see a slideshow of the final portraits from your session. Then we use your vision of how you want to display your images to determine which portraits will get printed and where they will go within your home. I’m right along side you, helping your to make those decisions so that nothing is overwhelming and you have the portraits you love, exactly where you want them to be. Your session reveal and ordering appointment will last between 60-90 minutes as we work to select just the right portraits for you and your home. Most clients spend between $700-$1500 on both wall portraits for their home and gift prints for their family.

expectant parents holding hands under cherry blossoms

How do I schedule a cherry blossom portrait session???

Call me. Email me. We’ll plan your session, enjoy an amazing time surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom trees, and you’ll have portraits that you love!


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