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My Infertility Journey, Pt. 2

This title could be deemed a bit misleading but let me share what I mean. For the past few months, we have stopped the beast that is “infertility treatments.” After three unsuccessful rounds, I turned […]

The Journey That Is…Infertility

Trying To Conceive That phrase is just a glimpse of the journey that is infertility. My husband and I came around to the idea of expanding our family in 2015. Up until then, we truly […]

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Feeling Helpless and Not Sure Of What To Do

This week has truly been full of a whirlwind of emotions. Here’s what I do know and understand: I am a runner. I am a part of many different kinds of families. I am human. […]

Two Hours??? I’ll Take It!

Yesterday, I received the blessing of being able to spend an extra two hours with my little guy because of a snow delay. And yes, it was truly a blessing because he has been asking […]